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Ezra Brutzkus Gubner featured in Los Angeles Daily Journal - Download PDF
Nov 25, 2014PDF download

Jeff Kobulnick Quoted in “Dot-Law Owner to Judge Attorneys” – Los Angeles Business Journal

EBG Partner Jeff Kobulnick was quoted in Cale Ottens’ Los Angeles Business Journal piece “Dot-Law Owner to Judge Attorneys.” Click “PDF Download” to read the full article....  Read more

Nov 6, 2014

Richard Burstein and Michael Davis Prevail in Adversary Proceeding

EBG attorneys Richard Burstein and Michael Davis, on behalf of chapter 7 trustee David Seror, prevailed in a contested adversary proceeding trial regarding claims to avoid and recover, for the benefit of the estate, a second and fourth trust deed placed on the debtors’ residence pre petitio...  Read more

Oct 31, 2014

Insurance required: Best practices for drafting insurance requirement provisions in contracts – Inside Counsel

EBG Senior Associate Joe Balice’s article “Insurance required: Best practices for drafting insurance requirement provisions in contracts,” a second in a three part series, appeared in InsideCounsel, the pioneering monthly magazine exclusively serving general counsel and other top...  Read more

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