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Ezra Brutzkus Gubner featured in Los Angeles Daily Journal - Download PDF
Aug 22, 2014PDF download

Firm Successfully Represents Bradley D. Sharp, Trustee for the Beshmada Liquidating Trust, in Appeal

Richard Burstein, Ron Abrams and Robyn Sokol successfully represented Bradley D. Sharp, trustee for the Beshmada Liquidating Trust, in an appeal taken from a bankruptcy court judgment after trial in his favor and against a defendant. In the appeal, in which the District Court affirmed the bankrup...  Read more

Jul 16, 2014PDF download

Carolyn Smallwood Pens Article on CLM Exam for Association of Legal Administrators

Carolyn Smallwood’s article “Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Start Planning Now for the Fall CLM Exam” appeared in the July 2014 issues of the Association of Legal Administrators’ Legal Management.  Click PDF Download to see a full version of the article as it appeared in the...  Read more

Jul 1, 2014PDF download

Seror and Davis Prevail On Cross-Motion For Summary Judgment – Opinion Published

As counsel for the non-moving Trustee, David Seror and Michael Davis recently prevailed on a cross-motion for summary judgment regarding ownership issues relating to real property, and the Bankruptcy Court certified the opinion for publication. One of the primary issues was whether or not parol evid...  Read more

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